Tallahassee's Community Big Band


Director Patrick Dunnigan
Alto Sax Chandler Wilson
Alto Sax/Flute Bill Bodiford
Tenor Sax Tom Longfellow
Tenor Sax Dan Kimel
Bari Sax Pat McLeod
Trombone Greg Akridge
Trombone Trisha Moynihan
Trombone William Sahely
Trombone Jason Burford
Trombone-Alternates Ted Zateslo & David Kraus
Trumpet Alden France
Trumpet Rene Arbogast
Trumpet Joe McGlothlin
Trumpet Scott Schimpf
Trumpet Tom Buchanan
Percussion Mike Neidhart/Bryan Mooneyhan
Bass Guitar Linda Lane
Piano Jack Quine
Guitar Patrick Dunnigan
Vocals Lisa Foltz, Denise Tansey and Fred Lee

One response

  1. Bobby

    No drummer? Oh I see, this list is just the musicians 🙂

    May 27, 2016 at 9:10 am

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