Tallahassee's Community Big Band

Schedule the Band

If you are interested in scheduling the band to play at your venue or event, there are a few requirements and considerations to take into account.

TNMC is a 20-piece band. Please keep in mind that a stage area should be at a minimum 20 feet wide by 16 feet deep, but it is much better to have a larger space. We would prefer a rectangular area in order for us to set up properly and sound our best. Please ask the band to scout the area that you have in mind for the performance.

TNMC is able to provide a sound system if necessary for the event/venue.

Sets usually last 45 minutes to an hour. After this time the band will request a 10-15 minute break, with another set immediately following if your event requires.

TNMC currently has a limited selection of music. Unfortunately, if the song is not on our song list, we will not be able to perform it. If you would like a special song played for your event, you can purchase the song for the band to learn. Please contact us for more information about this.

TNMC is searching for ways to obtain new music. If you would like to make a donation to the band so that we may purchase more music, please let us know.

Trisha Moynihan
TNMC Band Manager
phone: 850-445-1608
email: TNMCband@gmail.com


One response

  1. Jean Littlefield

    I signed up years ago to get Your schedule of concerts and nothing came of it. I have recently been to a couple at Opperman but found them by accident and from other musicians. PLEASE add me to your maling list or email notices. I’m starved for big band Jazz. Was very involved i nJersey Jazzhen I lived up there. Please help!!!

    January 27, 2016 at 2:29 pm

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